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EDEX Study Abroad
EDEX, The Best Overseas Education Provider in Kerala Welcomes you to the World of Opportunities


EDEX...The Extreme Exposure of Educational Expertise

EDEX International, One of the first Overseas Education Experts in the region, provides educational advice, support and placement to students who are interested in studying abroad. You might have come across different types of education agents, Consultants, Advisers while seeking a representative abroad. EDEX stands away from the crowd even with its unique name “ EDucational EXpertise” .

EDEX has long enjoyed widely envied reputation for providing universally trusted and respected higher education advice. The emerging name like ‘EDEX’ is a flamboyant answer of all languages of expertise of higher education consultancies in India. Within a span of 15 years, this reality has been not surprising for those who have experienced its proficiency and longevity.

The dynamism of EDEX to offer realistic support to the students, those who had wished their higher study abroad, already written golden anecdotes and minting a genre of professionals in sequence of win over the thousands of hearts and canons. As a ‘Doyen’ of Indian educational consultancies, services of EDEX have largely avoided being preoccupied with antagonism or the breed of choices which benefit few of students at the expense of others, it is the VOICE of students, their families and the Indian society, which must be listened to first and foremost.

EDEX believing that the representation of a student to the society is valuable and will be valued. Previously, EDEX knows the clarity of perception is much needed and analyzing changes of the world education in every shoot of origin, inform aspirants to drive forward for their better higher education ambiance. These efforts, combined with an equally clear recognition of courses, colleges and universities by EDEX’s intellectual accountabilities. EDEX has sketched a manifesto of success by the awesome support of the overseas students, their parents and the millions of GENEXT hearts as they know meritorious achievements are not about the soft choices.


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